Summer time !!!

Summer !

what is your first thought about summer ?

Sun, holliday, friends, drinks, good whether… Everything to be positive, peacefull and relax above all.

What will I dress ?

Where will I go ?

Who will be with me ?

So many questions and then, so many answers…

We have some good news to you, there’s 1 month left before Summer shows up !!!

Don’t worry, we have some time to be prepare… Let’s take it and let’s start dreaming about next summer. We can use some word like  » I wish « ,  » that would be « ,  » what if I am « … Let’s try it, shall we ?

 » I would be so peacefull than nothing could hurt my feeling, bother me or disappointed me. I would feel as light as the air and I could breath so easily that I could feel my heart full of joy, happiness and love. No noise, only music I like. People will smile to me and will want me to be as comfortable as I always wanted. I could eat and drink anything, I won’t take any single pound. Much better, more I eat what I want and like so much and more I achieve my perfect body. I would be funny, everyone will smile to my jokes. I would be so smart that I will ask the right question and give the right answer and people listen to me carefully. Anything I do, people want to do the same cause I am an exemple to follow. My summer would be sweet in the morning, great in the afternoon and terrific in the evening.

Time would be meaningless, money would be useless and things would always work out.

I would be lonely when I want, overcrowded on my desire and compliments would be my name in law… I would be never tired, always in good mood and in good shape. Nothing and no one would be late and I would enjoy every single moment cause nothing will embarasse me. I would meet some great people, they will want the best to me and I would be their best friends.

My mind would be in the middle of the stars and my body would be a leaf who would fly with wind to make me discover the sky and its secrets…

That would be a great time !

That would be a great  » Me  » !

That would be My SUMMER !  »


Before to enjoy things like Summer, let’s start dreaming… maybe with luck, dreams come true.

We wish youy all a great waiting to SUMMER by dreaming as ever.



Right now ? Right away !

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