Halloween or l’Halloween ?

How do not say a word about one of the most famous event of the word…


There it is !

It is just about to start for the hapiness of the children, parents and candy shop.

Obviously, I talk about Halloween or l’Halloween in Canada.

Where doest it come from ? England, Irland, U.S.A or perhaps Canada… Here a good thing to do before to celebrate:  » All Hallows Eve » ! I think Jack-o’-lanterns will be happy to scare all of you an extra year and makes smile every children by filling their bags with plenty candies.

Watch your teeth kids and pratice your traditional « Trick or treat »  cause Halloween is coming soon. Show your beautifull scrary costume and your make-up and we wish you to have a wonderful day.

Halloween, for children of all of age because there is no age to eat some candies, is it ?



Right now, Right away.

octobre 29th, 2015 by