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mai 22nd, 2017 by NEEDARISE

Summer !

what is your first thought about summer ?

Sun, holliday, friends, drinks, good whether… Everything to be positive, peacefull and relax above all.

What will I dress ?

Where will I go ?

Who will be with me ?

So many questions and then, so many answers…

We have some good news to you, there’s 1 month left before Summer shows up !!!

Don’t worry, we have some time to be prepare… Let’s take it and let’s start dreaming about next summer. We can use some word like  » I wish « ,  » that would be « ,  » what if I am « … Let’s try it, shall we ?

 » I would be so peacefull than nothing could hurt my feeling, bother me or disappointed me. I would feel as light as the air and I could breath so easily that I could feel my heart full of joy, happiness and love. No noise, only music I like. People will smile to me and will want me to be as comfortable as I always wanted. I could eat and drink anything, I won’t take any single pound. Much better, more I eat what I want and like so much and more I achieve my perfect body. I would be funny, everyone will smile to my jokes. I would be so smart that I will ask the right question and give the right answer and people listen to me carefully. Anything I do, people want to do the same cause I am an exemple to follow. My summer would be sweet in the morning, great in the afternoon and terrific in the evening.

Time would be meaningless, money would be useless and things would always work out.

I would be lonely when I want, overcrowded on my desire and compliments would be my name in law… I would be never tired, always in good mood and in good shape. Nothing and no one would be late and I would enjoy every single moment cause nothing will embarasse me. I would meet some great people, they will want the best to me and I would be their best friends.

My mind would be in the middle of the stars and my body would be a leaf who would fly with wind to make me discover the sky and its secrets…

That would be a great time !

That would be a great  » Me  » !

That would be My SUMMER !  »


Before to enjoy things like Summer, let’s start dreaming… maybe with luck, dreams come true.

We wish youy all a great waiting to SUMMER by dreaming as ever.



Right now ? Right away !

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mai 20th, 2017 by NEEDARISE

Everybody need somebody, something somewhere…

What is your need today, tomorrow, in a week, a month or a year ?

Who is going to help you to reach your goal ?

Questions and answers are always together but no easy to find.

That’s why Needarise will help you.

Don’t miss the launch in United Kingdom on June,21 2017.
You can’t forget, that’ll be summer time !!!

By waiting keep following us :

Facebook : Needarise Right-Now Right-Away
Instagram : Needarise
Twitter : Needarise media
Newsletter :

Website :

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mai 18th, 2017 by NEEDARISE

A lot has changed on Needarise to provide you some better business media and it’s just the beginning…
Stay tuned cause the best is coming…

On June,21 2017 the website will be available for everyone in United Kingdom.
Thereafter, country after country will get available…

We will let you know which country get available on time !

To be sure you are in touch, keep following us on :

Facebook : Needarise Right-Now Right-Away

Twitter : Needarise media

Instagram : Needarise

Newsletter :

Website :

And more on its way…

Right now ? Right away !

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novembre 16th, 2015 by NEEDARISE

image image

Discovery week has just begin…

We are all happy to share the Needarise’s secrets with all of you. During this week, you will find out how to use Needarise, you will be able to understand  the whole universe of Needarise and how much it is easy to use and handy.

You can follow us on:

Facebook : Needarise Now-Away.

Instagram: needarise

website :

Let us make this week be our first link and not the last…



Right Now, Right Away !

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novembre 9th, 2015 by NEEDARISE


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novembre 9th, 2015 by NEEDARISE



We hereby take our pen today to introduce you the official logo of Needarise.

Maybe you already know it or not yet but to the future when you will see this logo, sure you will think about Needarise.

Today, we want to explain to all of you what is the explanation of this logo.

As you know, because we say it all the time, Needarise is about everyone, everything and everywhere at once. This is the purpose of the website.

That is why, the main activity of NEEDARISE is to look after the Need.

We all need someting or someone to do anything, anytime.

From eat to drink, borrow or buy something, going somewhere, do a favor or even ask anything… The Need is everywhere and is a real part of our life !


Needarise wants to bring a real solution for our need, we even say more… for our day-to-day need by using our best strenght: US !

We think there are only 2 things to reach our goal: The question and the answer !

That is why, to remember these 2 things every single time, Needarise made them his own flag.


This is not just a Logo, this is our motto !


Join NEEDARISE DECEMBER 15th, 2015 and together, we reach our goal !



Right Now, Right Away.

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novembre 6th, 2015 by NEEDARISE

Hello everybody,

The opening of the NEEDARISE website is December 15th, 2015.

By waiting, do you want to know how NEEDARISE works out ?
Easy, follow us !
And also on Facebook: Needarise Now-away.
From November 16th to 20th, NEEDARISE invite everybody to the: DISCOVERY WEEK !

A week to find out all the universe of NEEDARISE and more…

NEEDARISE will show you how to use your space throughout the website, look for any single information and even create any new links with other members.
As usual, we will answer to all your questions and we do believe you will turn NEEDARISE into a real solution to everyone, anywhere and anytime !

See you soon with NEEDARISE !


Right now, Right away !


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octobre 31st, 2015 by NEEDARISE

here we are, Halloween is there… The one and only !

May the « scary » be your guest today and this is time to say hello to Jack’o-lantern…

Candies, fill the children’s bag; scary suits, go in the middle of the crowned and be scariest to make this day unforgettable !

Remember, « trick or treat » ?

Choose well or be prepare to the Jack’o-lantern visit tonight…

Anyway, have a good day and enjoy it that is NEEDARISE wish you to all.


Happy Halloween !!!



Right now, Right away !

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octobre 29th, 2015 by NEEDARISE

How do not say a word about one of the most famous event of the word…


There it is !

It is just about to start for the hapiness of the children, parents and candy shop.

Obviously, I talk about Halloween or l’Halloween in Canada.

Where doest it come from ? England, Irland, U.S.A or perhaps Canada… Here a good thing to do before to celebrate:  » All Hallows Eve » ! I think Jack-o’-lanterns will be happy to scare all of you an extra year and makes smile every children by filling their bags with plenty candies.

Watch your teeth kids and pratice your traditional « Trick or treat »  cause Halloween is coming soon. Show your beautifull scrary costume and your make-up and we wish you to have a wonderful day.

Halloween, for children of all of age because there is no age to eat some candies, is it ?



Right now, Right away.

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octobre 26th, 2015 by NEEDARISE

Hello Everybody,

Needarise is alive, finally !

I wish to every single one a very welcome to NEEDARISE and I hope you will have a very good time.

Just few word about NEEDARISE…

NEEDARISE is a new way to connect people each other that is why, the purpose of NEEDARISE is to create a link between everybody by allowing to keep a private space.

You will find out some new people next to you or further, some new places, some new informations about everyone and everything at once all over the world.

You will ask anything to anyone, anywhere, whenever and anytime you want. You will propose anything to anyone and find a solution before the question.

NEEDARISE is about you, us, everyone, everything and everywhere in the same place.

NEEDARISE, Right now, Right away.



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