We hereby take our pen today to introduce you the official logo of Needarise.

Maybe you already know it or not yet but to the future when you will see this logo, sure you will think about Needarise.

Today, we want to explain to all of you what is the explanation of this logo.

As you know, because we say it all the time, Needarise is about everyone, everything and everywhere at once. This is the purpose of the website.

That is why, the main activity of NEEDARISE is to look after the Need.

We all need someting or someone to do anything, anytime.

From eat to drink, borrow or buy something, going somewhere, do a favor or even ask anything… The Need is everywhere and is a real part of our life !


Needarise wants to bring a real solution for our need, we even say more… for our day-to-day need by using our best strenght: US !

We think there are only 2 things to reach our goal: The question and the answer !

That is why, to remember these 2 things every single time, Needarise made them his own flag.


This is not just a Logo, this is our motto !


Join NEEDARISE DECEMBER 15th, 2015 and together, we reach our goal !



Right Now, Right Away.

novembre 9th, 2015 by